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Favorite Online Tools and Digital Resources

Exclusive Free Downloads

> freebies
Pixel Berry Pie Designs' growing accumulation of free graphics and downloads.
> quoteberries
Pixel Berry Pie Designs' exclusive graphics for your blog.


The secret to creativity.
> fontsquirrel.com
Contains a large collection of fonts that are available to use commercially.
> fontzone.net
An archive of free fonts to browse through on this site to use in projects.


> elizabethcastro.com
My absolute favorite go-to color chart.
> colorjack.com/sphere
Displays several color categories to choose from, and offers color palettes.
> colorcombos.com
Multiple types of color resources, palettes, plus a library of premade coordinating colors.
> colorschemer.com
Quickly view a whole scheme of coordinating colors, based on just one color code.
> ficml.org
A great color wheel tool, especially for grabbing web-smart colors.
> febooti.com
Another dynamic color wheel, that provides good insight on the colors you choose.

Online Printing Services

> vistaprint.com
This is the easiest website I have found that allows you to get your own business cards and other printed materials delivered right at your doorstep. {Pixel Berry Pie Designs can create your business cards and other printable designs!}
> moo.com
This printing company allows you print various business card designs in the same batch. All your cards will have the same text information, but you can mix-and-match to have a collection of photos or designs for a unique experience! {Pixel Berry Pie Designs can create your business cards and other printable designs!}

Website Hosting & E-commerce Platforms

> pappashop.com
If you're looking for a professional e-commerce website to sell your products on, definitely check this out. {Pixel Berry Pie Designs can create your Pappashop website design!}
> bigcartel.com
This is another place to get your e-commerce website up and rolling from. {Pixel Berry Pie Designs can create your Big Cartel website design!}
> hostica.com
The best website hosting and domain service! I've never experienced one glitch with down-time at all.
> zen-cart.com
A free, open source e-commerce system that contains a shopping cart, product catalog and order history. Contains everything you need to run a business website (aside from hosting and domain name -- see Hostica above).

Online Design Tools

> practicewriter.com
An easy tool to use when showing a client an HTML page you have created. Just save your code on the page and it generates a special link for you to pass around.
> validator.w3.org
Validates your HTML pages, and displays potential code errors for you to fix.
> htmledit.squarefree.com
A favorite website of mine that I use on a daily basis. As you edit HTML, it shows a preview in real-time, as the code is typed in (not recommended for beginners).
> techzoom.org
A valuable chart that illustrates the current most popular screen resolutions. Especially helpful when designing a responsive website.
> iosres.com
This website shows device specifications for iPhones and iPads; useful for building websites with mobile device compatibility.

HTML, CSS & Javascript

> hypergurl.com
A go-to place for website tools, code generators, lessons for many programs, and much, much more.
> dynamicdrive.com
Tons of free DHTML and Javascript codes for countless projects.
> smashingmagazine.com
Articles about tons of geeky stuff: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Typography, Photoshop, Wordpress, etc.