Pixel Berry Pie Designs

Stickers and Labels

{Product Stickers, Address Labels, Shipping Labels}

Personalized address labels and shipping labels are great ways to "brand" your outgoing packages---either for business use or personal friendly letters. Having stickers on your products is also perfect for your customers to see your logo identity, web address, or product type. Pixel Berry Pie Designs can create a personalized stickers and labels made just for you. Your design can come in any size that best fits your needs.

Extra add-ons available for purchase:

Business cards
Product tags
...and anything else you may need!

Please note that Pixel Berry Pie Designs only designs the stickers and labels, and does not actually print your items for you. Request your design to be sized properly for printing at home, Vistaprint, or any other printing company.

Purchasing options:

Contact me about creating your very own custom design! Prices are based upon the type of project and the amount of work involved. If you're interested, let me know what kind of sticker or label that you're needing and I can give you a price estimate.